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Welcome to Frontier Agricultural Services

Quality and service in a timely manner is our mission  

We have been a member of the local community in California for over 48 years and have a established customer base that relies on or complete coverage and use of the finest quality products to keep their customers coming back year after year.

When you visit the grocery store or any of the vegetable markets through out the world. It is important that you are buying the very best fruits and vegetables you can buy.

For the last 33 years Frontier Agricultural Service has been keeping the fruits and vegetables on your table the freshest and safest you can buy. We use the latest and safest products that are developed by the United States Agricultural commission and all the many other agency's that work to protect you and your families health.

"We cut no corner's when it comes to the safety of the food you buy and eat."

Our service and safety record speaks for itself with over 33 years of flying and working on the fields in the Imperial Valley in California without a serious mishap or delay in keeping the fruits and vegetables of California the very finest you can buy.

The Vietnam War

September 26 1959 -- April 30 1975

"For those who served and died you will never be forgotten"

Terry Rider

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